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Families prepare to bring in the New Year with a Bang

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For many people New Year's Eve means buying and shooting fireworks. Some shoppers may know exactly what they want when shopping; for others, the allure of a sale item is impossible to resist.

“A lot of the best sellers are our buy one get one free stuff,” Charlie Cable of Hale fireworks said. “We've got some small artillery, like $8 for two of them [and] six shot artillery. A lot of people like our cakes and stuff like that. You light it once and it shoots up several times in the air.”

Families seeking a variety of items for younger children, and the people who are kids at heart may find themselves with a little of everything.

“[We get] a couple of the bigger fireworks from the back, and then we kind of let the kids pick out what they want up front,” shopper Kathryn King said. “We usually get the friends and family together, most of our neighbors come by, and we shoot fireworks.”

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