Mississippi tornado eyewitnesses capture video of storm's fury

Mississippi tornado eyewitnesses capture video of storm's fury

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - It's been exactly a week since an EF-3 tornado hit Columbia.

"Intense, very intense," said Camellia Home Health & Hospice liaison Jessie Graham. "In my mind I was thinking what were the last things I told my kids. Did I tell them I loved them before I left this morning?"

Graham was standing under the building's carport when he captured video of the tornado with his cell phone.

"My co-worker had been trying to get the door open as I was filming and when I seen that it was closed shut by the pressure I decided to quit filming at that time and it was more important to get in and get under the desk," said Graham.
Will Bozeman, employee at Bumper to Bumper also experienced the tornado.

"It was really scary and I really thought," said Bozeman. "I thought I was going to die. I just got engaged and I thought that morning was the last time I was ever going to see her. It scared me."

Bozeman also captured what he was seeing through his cell phone.
"I was recording and it got bad and I was backing up the whole time and I fell and I dropped my phone and it got sucked up by the tornado," said Bozeman.  

Bozeman found his phone three days later in the rubble. That's when he saw the 16 minute video.

"It's a miracle we all made it and we're still alive and it's something to look at the good Lord is looking out for everybody," said Bozeman.

Camellia and Bumper To Bumper expect renovations to their buildings to be completed within the next year. Camellia has relocated to 912 Sumrall Road in Columbia for now.

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