Mississippi dog owner wants answers after pet found shot and tied up

Mississippi dog owner wants answers after pet found shot and tied up
Falisa Bourgeious dog owner
Falisa Bourgeious dog owner


A Sumrall woman and her family are grieving after learning that their dog along with another community dog had been shot and killed, and dumped on the side of the road.

Falisa Bourgeios and her family were celebrating Christmas at her parents house Friday afternoon. She said Boxer Ester, a community dog they called Rusty, and her father's dog Joe were all in the front yard when they were last seen.

"The dogs were outside playing, which is not unusual," said Bourgeious. "Around 5 p.m. I came out to go to Sumrall and I noticed they weren't in the yard."

When she got back an hour later the dogs were still no where to be found. Bourgeios said this was very unusual for her dog to wander off.

"She rode in the car with me, she was with me all the time.

Sunday evening Bourgeios saw a Facebook post with a picture of two dead dogs found shot to death and tied up together about 12 miles from her home on Nobles Road.

"When I saw the picture I just knew it was my dog," said Bourgeios.

The Hub City Humane Society was notified about the dogs and early Monday morning they went to find them.

"We didn't find them right away, we just found a sack they had been covered with," said Virginia Cheatham, H.C.H.S.  manager. "We went a little ways into the woods and that's where we found them."

Bourgeios's dog had been adopted from the Southern Pines Animal Shelter in Hattiesburg and was micro-chipped. Because of this, they were able to track her down and let her know they had the dogs. She picked up their bodies, and buried them in her front yard.

Bourgeios said she contacted the Lamar County Sheriff's Department to see if they could help find out who killed her dogs.

"I was in a horrible state, crying my eyes out for days .I talked with a deputy and he was friendly and nice, but he told me there was not much he could do," said Bourgeios.

Sheriff Rigel confirmed that without someone coming forward with information, there wasn't much they could do. He asked for anyone who has information about who would have done this to call dispatch at 601-794-8610.