Volunteers show Christmas Spirit by helping victims of Columbia tornado

Volunteers show Christmas Spirit by helping victims of Columbia tornado

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - The recovery effort is still ongoing in Columbia after the devastation of Tuesday's tornado. While most people are home opening presents with family, these residents are digging through rubble and helping crews remove heavy pieces of debris.

Mr. and Mrs. Dillon arrived at her job to inspect the damage done to Mr. Dillon's truck. The couple was attending a Christmas party when the tornado touched down. The truck was destroyed along with the rest of the building. Piles of soaking wet paper work, broken computers, and insulation falling from broken roof beams are all that remain. Mrs. Dillon said some of her coworkers hid under tables, while she hid in a bathroom.

"We were in that building, and it was a nightmare," Mrs. Dillon explained.

Residents of Columbia aren't the only ones working on Christmas day. Several volunteer groups are working to clear rubble, cover roofs, and provide assistance when possible.

The Red Cross and Salvation Army have mobile units on the ground providing supplies and food.

There are also several groups who have traveled across state boarders to lend a helping hand.

"It's about the right thing to be doing on Christmas day. I think it's what god would want people to do," said Abram Strite, a volunteer from Christian Aid Ministries in Missouri.

"Well we figured what better time to show the love of Jesus than on his birthday," said Ed Brashier a Pastor of a church in Gardendale Alabama. "So we came out here, the people needed help, we have the ability to help, and so we wanted to come out and help them."