Creel's Diner brings Christmas to many

Creel's Diner brings Christmas to many

Creel's Diner in Ellisville continued a Christmas tradition that started last year by serving a traditional Christmas Dinner for many in the community.

They opened up their doors at 10 a.m. and invited anyone who didn't a place to go or family family to be with to come and be a part of their family. Not only did they serve the meals in the diner, but for those who weren't able to get out or were working they packed up the food and delivered them.

They say a family member who wishes to remain anonymous is largely responsible for the meal that brings Christmas to those who otherwise wouldn't have one.

"We're well blessed, we know that he's really blessed with what he's doing," said Penny James. "He wanted to make sure that anybody that didn't have a meal today would get one. This is our Christmas to them."

"if they don't have family to share it with they could come here," said Robin Russell. "This way they friends to share it with and won't have to be alone at Christmas."

Early on they exceeded their expectation and said they anticipated serving over 250 people.