Mississippi man creates unique 'WillChair'

Mississippi man creates unique 'WillChair'

MOSELLE, MS (WDAM) - Imagine a wheelchair that helps you cut your yard while you are indoors staying cool.

Imagine a power wheelchair with not the typical 2 to 4 inches of ground clearance, but more like 6.5 inches.

What about one with more than double the speed? Say, 13.5 miles per hour.

What about one that comes with a remote control?

Well it exists, and has been created by a Mississippi man who lives in Moselle.

"Say you need to get out of the bed and the chair is across the room, how do you get it? Somebody has to get it for you. You can just grab your remote and bring it to you," said William Clark. "You have two chairs and you need to take one with you, get in the car, load the other one up by remote."

William Clark is partially paralyzed. Confined to a wheelchair, he said he needed something better.

"I was injured in a motor cross wreck a few years ago that left me in a wheelchair and there's just nothing suitable out there. I still hunt, fish, go out and whatnot, there's just nothing made that will," said Clark. "There are four-wheel drive wheelchairs but granted they're about $30,000 and even used ones are still $8,000 to $10,000 and they're completely inadequate.

Giving up on big name manufacturers, Clark decided to create his own wheelchair. After a year and a half and with the help of his father and his girlfriend, he created "WillChair." He also teamed up with men, one from Italy and the United Kingdom to create a computer code.

"We collaborated and wrote a custom program to control this controller which was never meant to control wheelchairs," said Clark.

Clark said he has the only lithium powered brushless indoor/outdoor power chair on the planet.

"Right now it's currently more capable and more powerful than anything you can buy," said Clark.

He said he spent approximately $6,000 creating WillChair.

"As of right now there's no further plans to make any more," said Clark. "I do plan on making possibly a four-wheel drive one in another year or so, but right now no."

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