Sandersville man charged with ten-counts of animal cruelty

Sandersville man charged with ten-counts of animal cruelty

A Sandersville man is facing animal cruelty charges after 10-dogs were found allegedly living in poor condition on his property.

The Southern Cross Animal Rescue received a call Thursday that a dog was chained up in the front yard of a home on Highway 11 with no shelter, food, or water. They went to the home Thursday evening to do a welfare check and when they got there they found a total of 10-dogs, nine-Pit Bulls and one-Chihuahua, living in what described as deplorable conditions.

"We went with full intentions of explaining the law to the homeowner," said Heather Williams, SCAR President. "We had a dog house in the vehicle ready to donate to him and just educate him how to best care for his animals, but after what we saw, we realized the animals needed to be removed."

With help from the Jones County Sheriff's Department they were able a seizure warrant over the phone to take the dogs. All of the dogs needed medical care.

"All of them were underweight, some more than others, some near the stage of emaciation. They were all infested with parasites, both internal and external. A lot of them had injuries that looked like bite marks. Many of which were abscessed. We've got one dog in surgery right now."

The dogs were taken to the Southern Cross Shelter in Jones County. Williams says each of them will have their own battle to fight on their way to recovery.

"Right now we do have one that has such severe red mange and it looks like it's gone on for years. He's going to have quite a battle on his hands."

The dogs owner, Zavier Arrington of Sandersville was charged Friday with ten-counts of animal cruelty and neglect.