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Joe's Viewpoint: Animal Cruelty

Joe's Viewpoint Joe's Viewpoint

It seems that recently we have seen more news reports of animal cruelty. Just yesterday I received two emails from viewers concerning the case of four live stock auction workers who were ordered to pay $238 in fines and court fees following a third-party investigation into abuse and neglect of live stock. I must agree with the concerned viewers who emailed me. A fine and court fees totaling $238 is too small a price to pay for what was captured on camera. It makes you wonder how often this happens and how many violations go unreported. You may remember the Copiah County investigation into neglect of dozens of horses from earlier this month. It appears we cannot go a week without hearing about more news of animal abuse. Maybe larger fines will get their attention and please report animal abuse to local authorities.

This is today's Viewpoint.

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