Mississippi Board of Education Unveils 5-Year Strategic Plan

Mississippi Board of Education Unveils 5-Year Strategic Plan

JACKSON, MS (WDAM) - Mississippi Board of Education chairman Dr. John R. Kelly today unveiled the Board's 5-year Strategic Plan for 2016-2020, which sets the roadmap for changing the trajectory of public education in Mississippi.

The plan details five goals to improve educational outcomes for every public school student in the state.

"We must commit to bold and brave policy decisions in order to lift Mississippi from the bottom nationally in education," Kelly said. "What is in the best interests of all students guided every aspect of this plan."

The plans five goals include:

All students are proficient and show growth in all assessed areas. Every student graduates high school and is ready for college ancareer Everyry child has access to a high-quality early childhood education program. Every school has effective teachers leaders Everyvery community effectively uses a world-class data system to improve student outcomes Thehe 5-year plan builds upon the Board's existing priorities of improving literacy, particularly among K-3 students, reducing the dropout rate and improving overall student proficiency. Embedded in the plan is the Board's full commitment to maintaining Mississippi's College- and Career-Ready Standards.

"The state's College- and Career-Ready Standards spell out what we expect students to learn in English language arts and math in grades 3-8 and in high school. We have to be clear about what academic targets we are aiming at in order to help students achieve them," Kelly said. "We will continue to work to build upon and strengthen these standards to help all students reach their greatest potential."

Dr. Carey Wright, state superintendent of education, said she and Board members discussed the goals and strategies in detail, and the Mississippi Department of Education is committed to working to attain the goals outlined in the plan.

"The goals challenge all of us to help the students of our state reach new levels of achievement. This will better prepare students for college and career and ultimately make a positive impact on our state's economy," Wright said.