Laurel bell ringer bringing in big bucks

Laurel bell ringer bringing in big bucks

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - A Laurel Salvation Army bell ringer is bringing in some big bucks.

"It doesn't matter which location I place her at she's going to do better than anybody else that day," said Salvation Army Corps Officer Patrick Connelly.

In a little over three weeks Sara Crisp has raised nearly $10,000.

"An individual bell ringer to break the $10,000 mark in one season here in Laurel is quite an accomplishment," said Connelly. "I love her; I'm glad she works for me and I just wish that every bell ringer was as enthusiastic or did such a great job as she does."

"They just donate," said Crisp. "You have to talk to them like you want to be talked to."

Crisp said she's been a bell ringer for the past four years. She said she enjoys what she does and looks forward to doing it again next year," said  

"I like greeting the people and laughing and grinning at kids and just seeing everyone," Crisp. "I love The Salvation Army I go to their church and I love to come out here and ring the bell and have fun with everyone see everybody see people you've never seen before."

"She is genuine and she loves her job and she loves the opportunity to do something good," said Connelly.

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