Sumrall Middle School completes safety improvements

Sumrall Middle School completes safety improvements

SUMRALL, MS (WDAM) - The Sumrall Middle School completed a year long goal of improving campus safety on Monday.

"This was the best course of action to allow for a safe entrance to the middle school," said Tess Smith, Lamar County's Superintendent of Education.

Smith said the new parking lot allows visitors to safely enter into the school, and a new entrance provides better security for the school.

"Controlled access gives the front office secretary an opportunity to see who is coming. Basically, a visitor can identify themselves and get buzzed in," said Principal Jamie Jones.

Parents are impressed with the initiative that the school has made to protect the children.

"I feel like they are very safe now because we are a closed school and everybody can't just come in," said parent Tammy Lee.

According to Smith, the funding for this project came from money the district received last fall for capital improvements.

Jones said everyone is excited about the updates.

"It feels like a whole new school," Jones said. "We absolutely love it."