Day two: Junior Burnett trial

Day two: Junior Burnett trial
Pearl River County Court

Pearl River County, MS (WDAM) - The trial of a former Lamar County Sheriff's deputy and Hattiesburg police sergeant continued into day two, Tuesday in Pearl River County.

Averal "Junior" Burnett, 47, is facing two counts of attempted capital murder that allegedly occurred while in the Pearl River County Jail where he was being housed for multiple sexual battery charges out of Lamar County.

According to the indictment regarding the two counts, between July 13 and July 15 Burnett did willfully and feloniously design and endeavor to commit an act of murder, as amended, to-wit; capital murder, by offering inmate Russell Still a thing of value, bonding him out of jail and money to commit the murder of two family members.

However, Still refused to commit the murders and reported the crime to law enforcement officials.

On Tuesday proceedings started with the second witness, Russell Still being cross examined by Burnett's attorneys.

Items were shown to the court detailing plans that were allegedly drawn with Burnett that showed a location of a house, a car and color, a tag, and street name.

These drawn plans were allegedly exchanged between Burnett and Still in the process of Burnett inquiring him to kill two of his family members.

Still was then re-examined by the state.

Still testified that he was looking to get out of jail the quickest way he could, and Junior was that way.

The witness was tendered by the state, and the next witness was called to the stand.

Pearl River County Sheriff's Investigator Marc Ogden testified about interviewing Still and the aspects of the interview.

Maps depicting location of vehicles, locations of a house trailer, as well as sleep and work schedules along with the best possible times of contact were shown in evidence during Ogden's testimony.

Close to 5 p.m. court recessed until 9:00 a.m. Wednesday.