Hattiesburg to offer Christmas Tree Recycling Program

Hattiesburg to offer Christmas Tree Recycling Program

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - This is a Press Release from The City of Hattiesburg's Urban Forestry Division. 

The City of Hattiesburg's Urban Forestry Division is preparing for its Annual Christmas Tree Recycling Program. The public is invited to recycle their Christmas trees from December 29th to February 28th.

The city will provide four drop-off points for the disposal of live Christmas trees.

Designated drop-off sites include Duncan Lake on James Street, Kamper Park next to the recycling bins, Highland Cemetery behind the office on W.7th Street and #8 Fire Station on Lamar Blvd, near Petro Nissan.

All trees collected will be chipped into mulch and placed at Highland Cemetery for public pick up.

This mulch is free to the citizens of Hattiesburg on a first come, first serve basis, for as long as the mulch last.

Recycled tree mulch can be used for landscaping, gardening and compost. Mulch not only is decorative, it helps to retain moisture, insulate plant roots-cooling in the summer and holding heat in the winter.

It is recommended that fresh mulch be allowed time to go through a "heat" breakdown cycle, before placing around young plants. By recycling the trees, we save valuable landfill space and reduce illegal dumping.

Please be sure to remove Christmas tree stands, decorations, lights and any other foreign material that may damage the chipper. No artificial or frocked trees, please.

For more information contact the Urban Forestry Division at 601-545-1541 or 601-596-6649.