Jones County garbage service fees increasing in 2015

Jones County garbage service fees increasing in 2015

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Jones County garbage service fees will go up in 2015 for more than 13,000 customers. This comes after the board of supervisors voted unanimously for a 50-cent increase.

"Everything that we're buying we have to pay more for it and it's not that we want to keep raising the rates, it's simply that we've got to, to stay in business," said President of Jones County Board of Supervisors Andy Dial.

Resident David Chancellor said going from paying $13 to $13.50 a month is not what he's concerned about.

"My issue is the people that are not paying the fees, if they owe the money they need to pay it," said Chancellor.  

Chancellor along with other residents attended a board meeting Monday to address their concerns. They feel like it's unfair for fees to go up for those who pay, when there's dozens of residents who don't pay at all.

"Some people have probably never paid a dime that's receiving the service and then some people just don't see the importance of having door to door pickup," said Dial. "We have a responsibility to the law to pick up garbage whether they pay or not. We want to keep it clean and be presentable, something nice that people be proud of."

Dial said they have come up with some options to collect from those who don't pay their fees.

"The two things we could use is car tags and maybe take a lien on property and it takes a while to go through the process and we may even have to get the legislature to help us a little bit with this to put some teeth in it," said Dial. "We're fixing to start the procedure to put pressure on and if you owe us a garbage bill it be better if you contacted the office and worked out some kind of settlement."

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