JCJC is registering students for Spring semester

JCJC is registering students for Spring semester

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - This is a news release from Jones County Junior College

Jones County Junior College will be registering students for the spring semester until the administrative offices close on Wednesday, December 17. Registration after the holidays will be on Friday, January 9, beginning at 9 a.m. in the Academic Support Building, until 1 p.m. Students must have completed all entrance requirements prior to registering for classes. Late registration will be in the Student Success Center-Library, from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. on Friday also. This will be the last opportunity to register for classes for the spring semester.

Day and evening classes begin meeting on Monday, January 12, 2015. The web pages,www.jcjc.edu/new2jones.php and www.jcjc.edu/informationstation/index.php can offer assistance in the admissions process and enrolling for classes.

All prospective students should begin the registration process by completing anApplication for Admissionwhich can be found on the JCJC web page. Previously enrolled students or transferring students may call the Student Success Center for an appointment to schedule classes at (601)-477-4257.

Individuals who have not yet attended Jones for college credit should visit the New2Jonessection of the website for guidance. Future students will find a checklist for requirements for admissions, ensuring all necessary paperwork is complete before classes begin. New students must make an appointment to register for classes by calling the Office of Recruiting at (601)-477-4116.

Before students can register, all entrance requirements must be met. Students must have a final high school and /or college transcript, or a GED score. An ACT score is required for placement in classes. The Admissions and Records Office in the Hutcheson-Hubbard Administration Building can determine if entrance requirements have been met and give the dates for the ACT residual test dates. For more information call the Admissions and Records office at (601)-477-4025.

Jones also offers convenient class times and online classes for those who are unable to attend classes at the Ellisville campus. Students enrolling in the MSVCC (100% online classes) or Jones hybrid on-line classes (75% online classes) register in the same manner as students registering for traditional. General information concerning the requirements of the online classes is available through the JCJC eLearning web page athttp://www.jcjc.edu/elearning/index.php and at specified registration terminals. Online classes begin on January 20, 2015. Initial communication from online instructors to students will be through the campus e-mail system.The online class fee is an additional $30 per MSVCC online class. Students can call the eLearning office for additional information at (601)-477-5454.

All students are charged a Registration fee of $40, a Technology fee of $3 per hour up to $36 and a $40 Health fee for free visits to the campus nurse practitioner and the campus fitness center. There will be a charge of $120 per semester hour for those taking less than 15 credit hours. Tuition for 15 hours or more is $1245. The online class fee is an additional $30 per MSVCC online class. Online classes will begin on Tuesday, January 20, with registration for online classes only, through January 20. For more information call 601-477-4000 or the SSC at 601-477-4257.