On this day in history - December 13th, 2003

On this day in history - December 13th, 2003

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Operation Red Dawn is successful and Saddam Hussein is captured by the United States.

The First Brigade Combat team of the 4th Infantry Division investigated two locations near Tikrit, Iraq as part of Operation Red Dawn: "Wolverine-1" and "Wolverine-2." The 4th ID did not initially find Hussein, but located him later hiding inside a "spider hole" between the two locations. When pulled out of the hole, Hussein said "I am Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq, and I want to negotiate."

Hussein received Prisoner of War status under the Geneva Conventions. His trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity began in 2004 before an Iraqi Special Tribunal. The Tribunal ordered him executed by hanging, and his sentence was carried out on December 30th, 2006.

Operation Red Dawn gets its name from the 1984 film Red Dawn starring Patrick Swayze.

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