First of its kind disaster shelter coming to Wiggins

WIGGINS, MS (WDAM) - A ground breaking ceremony was held in Wiggins Thursday afternoon for a storm shelter that is designed for people with medical problems during times of disaster.

When completed the shelter will be the first stand-alone storm shelter of its kind in the state. The $7.7-million facility is designed for people with medical or health issues to have a place to go for medical care and shelter during times of disasters or emergencies.

The shelter will be able to withstand winds up to 200-miles an hour and will provide medical support, shelter, and refuge capabilities.

"The center is going to specifically target people with special medical needs," said Dr. Thomas Dabbs, State Epidemiologist. "Simple needs such as an insulin shot or having to have oxygen. Simple things on a normal day to day basis are critical life saving components."

The shelter site is on Coy Ave. Estimated completion date is at the start of the 2016 hurricane season.