Kangaroo Express Spirit Pump program donating to area schools

Kangaroo Express Spirit Pump program donating to area schools

Hattiesburg - Kangaroo Express announced the kickoff of it's 2015 Valero Spirit Pump Program. It invites local school communities to nominate their schools and then purchase fuel at specially marked fuel pumps, indicated by being painted bright yellow and with Spirit Pump markings. A penny a gallon will go towards the donation of $2,000 for selected schools in that community. These pumps are located at Kangaroo Express stores across the area.

The program started in 2014 and ran from September through November where it raised $86,000 for the $2,000 given to 43 schools in the Southeast. In Mississippi, the program was limited to the Jackson metro area and was considered to be so successful, the company decided to expand it to the Pinebelt area communities.

Don Mason, a resident of Gulfport was traveling to Starkville, when he pulled in to fill up at the Kangaroo Express located on Campbell Loop in Hattiesburg. He was thrilled that the proceeds of his purchase would go towards money to be given back to area schools.

"I think that's a great thing, in view of the fact the state is strapped for budgets and education is so important to our state," Mason said.

Schools can be nominated to receive $2,000 by going to the Kangaroo Express website and filling out the nomination forms.

The address for the website can be found