Lamar County School District looks at growth options

Lamar County School District looks at growth options

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Lamar County Superintendent Tess Smith says that Monday's work session helped decipher the difference between wants and needs.

"We covered a lot of ground and everybody was in agreement," said Smith.

The main topic on the agenda was growth for all schools in the county. The district has grown by 300 students this year alone.

Smith said that the first on the list is Oak Grove Longleaf.

"There is just extreme growth there and there is construction going on in the area, so I know there is going to be more housing," said Smith. "That will continue to increase our enrollment. So we are looking there first."

She hopes that they will get a portable building till a permanent one can be built. Sumrall Elementary is also in need of portables due to an increase in enrollment.

Smith believes that Oak Grove High will be in good shape once construction is complete in the spring.

"We are adding eight classrooms as well as an auditorium and other spaces that will help them tremendously," said Smith.

The last two schools that they will be looking into are Sumrall Middle and High.

Oak Grove Middle is the final school to be considered for additional reconstruction.

Smith says it is crucial to stay ahead of the game.

"We have to continue to look where the growth is and try to manage. While making the most out of the money we have access to," said Smith.

According to Smith, Purvis and Baxterville are holding strong, as of now.