Walter Payton's letterman is up for sale

Walter Payton's letterman is up for sale

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Walter Payton's letterman jacket is up for auction, and Columbia High School wants to win it.

According to Worthridge Auctions and Retail, the jacket was obtained directly from the Payton estate.

"This is an incredible piece that comes directly from the family of the great Walter Payton," the website states.

Columbia High School has set up a Gofundme account for people to be able to donate money to their cause.

"Let's get this jacket back where it belongs: Columbia High School," Karen Howell said on the account's website. "If we're able to win the jacket, it will be donated to the school."

According to Howell, if the goal of $7,500 is raised, and exceeds the amount needed to get the jacket, the extra money will go toward preserving the jacket in a trophy case.

Payton attended Jefferson High until the schools integrated with Columbia High School. He then became the 'star' of the football team by scoring a least one touchdown in every game throughout his junior and senior years.

Worthridge Auctions and Retail is taking bids on the item until Saturday night.