Hattiesburg breast cancer survivor tells her story

Hattiesburg breast cancer survivor tells her story

Debbie Thomson is a breast cancer survivor that went through a lot in a small amount of time.

"It was too much. I had lost my father, I had cancer, I was terribly ill, and my youngest son was dead," said Thomson.

All Thomson could think was "Why is God punishing me?" That's when she said God sent her a wake up call.

"Right after we buried my son. Two days later, I was in the hospital. I almost died, and I kind of gave up. They told me I was dying. A friend of mine called me and said 'what are you doing,'" said Thomson. "I said I'm laying in bed trying to die, but you are talking to me. She says, 'I knew you were doing that'. I said, 'give me one good reason I should not go be with my child'. She says, 'I will give you three. They are sitting at home waiting for you.'"

Thomson said, she knew at that moment that she was being selfish, so she started working to get better. The Doctors didn't know how it was possible.

Thomson said, "We know what it is like to have someone that's very ill and may die. We know what's it's like to lose someone before their time, so we appreciate [having] each other in each others lives."

It's just like the sterling silver necklace Thomson made and wears around her neck.

"When you hammer sterling silver, if you don't hammer it too much it actually gets stronger. People are a lot like that too," said Thomson. "You can hammer people, but usually if they hold up in their faith, it just makes them stronger. That's exactly what everything had done to my family. It made my family stronger."

She helps others get through difficult times with her jewelry line, Designs of Hope. It goes to those that have cancer, have experienced loss, and many of life's other struggles.

Thomson finds herself appreciating the little things and reminds others to keep putting one foot in front of the other during difficult times.

"The main thing that everyone needs to remember is bad things happen to good people, but that's not God punishing you. That is God testing your faith," said Thomson.