Hattiesburg Tree lighting was a hit

Hattiesburg Tree lighting was a hit

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Thursday night's Christmas Tree Lighting event went successfully.

"We had well over 2,000 people there, young old, all walks of life," said Hattiesburg's Mayor Johnny Dupree. "We had the Salvation Army, Captain Gilliam came, he gave a great kind of charge to the group about Christmas, and what Christmas means and asking them to adopt a kid off the tree."

Dupree said that the Angel Tree held the names of 50 needy children in the local area, and that he couldn't have been more proud of his community for making sure that every child was adopted.

"At the end of the day not one child's name was left on that tree," Dupree said. "Every child on that tree was adopted by somebody last night."

The City of Hattiesburg extends gratitude to community members, participants and sponsors.

Special thanks go to Mike Snowden of Robert's Company Inc., Stephanie Messina of the Breadsmith Artisan Bread Bakery, and John Smith of Walmart 49 Supercenter.

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