The Area Development Partnership hosts annual meeting

The Area Development Partnership hosts annual meeting

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The 2014 Area Development Partnership luncheon brought together over 500 business leaders representing the Hattiesburg area on Friday.

The meeting was a time for community leaders to network, celebrate the accomplishments of the past year, and look forward to new economic developments for the town.

"Well, certainly recently on the business recruitment side we had Greenbay Converting announce a $48 million facility," said Chad Newell, ADP president. "They will build a 400,000 square foot building, and hire 300 [employees], and then our pillars of our local economy keep it strong, health care, education and the military, so when you have a strong base and compliment that by recruiting a variety of other companies it bodes for a very strong economy."

The mission statement of ADP is to stimulate economic growth through the resources of its members and partners leading to an improved economic well being and quality life for greater Hattiesburg citizens. 

"I would like for them to continue focusing on small business development because small business development actually is the back bone of all economic development," said Mayor Johnny DuPree. "I would like for them to continue to look at small business development, minority business development, and also retention of businesses and expansion of businesses."

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