Jones County Sheriff's Department speak on chokeholds

Jones County Sheriff's Department speak on chokeholds

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Chokeholds are at the center of the controversial death of a Staten Island man. In New York, the maneuver used on Eric Garner was banned by the police department in 1993. Although chokeholds are dangerous, there is no federal law preventing police from using them.

In Jones County, the sheriff's department considers a chokehold as a lethal use of force.

"We try to stay away from what we actually consider a chokehold that would damage your trachea or actually cut your air flow off," said Major Jaime Tedford. "We do not train even to show them because we don't want them learning even the move or thinking that they're supposed to use the move."

Just like any other department, the Jones County Sheriff's Department does not have a specific policy in taking down a person. Major Tedford said deputies do train to learn different maneuvers and tactics.

"It's a very controversial situation, I know, but we try to do it as proficiently as we can and every situation we try to handle it with as less force as what we can," said Major Tedford.

Major Tedford said they do everything that they can do to try to stay away from using excessive force.

"These men and women that put their lives on the line everyday they have a family to go to, just as well as that person that they're trying to arrest has a family," said Major Tedford. "Our deputies and officers, they put their lives on the line and that split second decision that they make could cost them their lives, cost them they're career and cost them to never see their family again."

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