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On this day in history - December 5th, 1933

Detroit police busting bootleggers Detroit police busting bootleggers

The 21st Amendment to the Constitution is ratified, abolishing the 18th Amendment and ending the Prohibition Era.

On January 17th, 1920, Prohibition began, making the United States into a new territory for crime in the form of bootlegging, the illegal sale and transportation of alcohol. Notorious criminals like Al Capone built empires from the 18th Amendment and its companion the Volstead Act. By the early 1930's, support for Prohibition began to wane and many of its original proponents acknowledged that Prohibition did more harm than good. The decline of the American economy was also a factor in the repeal of Prohibition.

This day in history is known to many as Repeal Day.

Interestingly, the state of Mississippi took no action to ratify the 21st Amendment until 1966 when it finally went along with most of the rest of the nation. Because the 21st Amendment allows states, counties and cities control over alcohol, there are still a number of "dry" counties and cities in Mississippi.


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