Hattiesburg author celebrates release of new book

Hattiesburg author celebrates release of new book

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Benjamin Morris was at the Oddfellows Gallery on Thursday, celebrating the release of his latest work, “Hattiesburg, Mississippi: A History of the Hub City," which was published by the History Press. Morris read excerpts from the book, and held a book signing afterwards.

The book entails the history of Hattiesburg from the period leading up to its founding, the birth of the city and the present day.

Morris said that at first he wasn't sure about writing a historical book, but after encouragement from friends at the Mississippi Arts Commission, he decided to take on the project.

He credits local institutions and area residents for their contributions to the book.

"I could not have written this without the input and the involvement of the area institutions [such as] USM, Camp Shelby, William Carey, as well as individual families who sat down with me who had expertise in various matters," said Morris.

"All of these things came together to really form the fabric of the book and as far as I'm concerned, this book is everybody's stories, not my story, all I did was weave them together and hopefully provided a contribution to our knowledge."

Morris goes on to give little known nuggets of information about Hattiesburg such as before being known as "The Hub City" it was known as "The Magic City".