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On this day in history - December 2nd, 1927

600-4x3top-Ford_Model_A_Deluxe_Tudor.jpg 600-4x3top-Ford_Model_A_Deluxe_Tudor.jpg

Ford Motor Company releases its successor to the Model T, the Model A. For 18 years the Model T ruled early American streets, but was more than due for an upgrade.

The Model A sported an upgraded four-cylinder flathead engine packing 40 horsepower. The 3 speed manual transmission allowed it a approximate top speed of 65 miles an hour. A person could buy the A Model in a wide variety of body styles, and finally colors: Henry Ford was not a stickler for flashy accoutrements... his Model T originally only came in black, but with the A Model, his son Edsel Ford headed up a team to apply cosmetic advancement.

By the time Ford's famous production lines quit making the A Model in 1932, nearly five million A's hit the roads. The successor to the A, the Model B, introduced the new flathead V8 engine.

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