Hattiesburg Police release breakdown of crime stats

Hattiesburg Police release breakdown of crime stats

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg Police Department released their crime statistics for this year's part one offenses. The statistics show there is a 14 percent reduction.

At a news conference last week Assistant Chief Frank Misenhelter said, "Anytime there is an increase in crime that's not good. Even if it's one more crime than we had in the previous month."

The crimes range from homicide to arson and all eight are classified as level one offenses by The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

When comparing 2013 year to date to 2014 year to date, this is what was found: Homicide is up 57 percent, aggravated assault up 53 percent, and commercial burglary up 37 percent.

On the flip side, these are down: Rape four percent, robbery 27 percent, residential burglary 15 percent, grand larceny 15 percent, auto burglary 20 percent, auto theft 43 percent, and arson 67 percent.

"We work hard to reduce that number every month," said Misenhelter. "We hold daily crime meetings to show where the crime is occurring."

When asked whether those numbers present a false sense of security or a solid one, HPD declined comment.

However, a public crime meeting will be held at The Train Depot on Tuesday at 6 p.m.