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Dirty Jobs Part 4: Sugar Cane Syrup


The final installment of Dirty Jobs is appropriately timed for Thanksgiving: sugar cane syrup is a naturally sweet treat to give your food the perfect touch. Making the syrup however can be a sticky situation.

Making sugar cane syrup the old fashioned way used to call for the grinding machine and a donkey, but now-a-days, the donkey has been replaced with a tractor. The tracker powers the grinder and when the sugar canes are inserted, juice drains down a pipe, through the first filter and into a bucket. (During warmer weather, you will also be swarmed by yellow jackets as you get splashed in juice.)

The juice makes its way downhill through a tube and into an area where it is filtered again and warmer until it is brought to a boil. As it boils, it cooks out any unwanted partials as it also thickens. Once the perfect consistency is reached, it is filtered one last time before it is put into mason jars.

Making syrup the old fashion way means a complete hands-on experience from keeping the fire lit and cutting wood, to slowing stirring the boiling syrup.

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