Joe's Viewpoint: Happy Thanksgiving

Joe's Viewpoint: Happy Thanksgiving

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Every year around Thanksgiving we are all appropriately reminded to be thankful. And I think most would agree that the emphasis on being thankful is completely valid and noble. While each of us has our unique list of people and things to be thankful for, I am suggesting an additional way of putting "being thankful" to good use.

You might do this by assisting a community organization that works to help others especially around the holidays. For example, our team here at WDAM plans to help Field House for the Homeless during December. Stepping in and helping the community is a great way to advocate for and say thanks to that organization.

Over the coming weeks, starting with Black Friday, as you and your family begins holiday shopping, don't forget to shop local. This is a great way to show thanks to those small businesses that employ so many and give back to our local economy. Remember it is those same local merchants who are making a difference right here in the Pine Belt every day.

And thank you for watching and supporting us at WDAM.

Happy Thanksgiving!