Dal Williamson receives endorsement from former challenger

J Ronald Parrish endorses former challenger Dal Williamson.
J Ronald Parrish endorses former challenger Dal Williamson.

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Former Jones County circuit court judge candidate and assistant district attorney J.Ronald Parrish said he will be voting for Dal Williamson

Tuesday in the runoff election.

"I ran because that office needed a change. We need a new circuit judge," said Parrish. "I know that Dal is a person of character and integrity and if he works half as hard as circuit judge as he did on his campaign he'll make a great circuit judge."

Parrish said he hopes Judge Billy Joe Landrum has a long, healthy, prosperous life, but as a former Jones County Assistant District Attorney he said he's been in the courtroom and  knows there needs to be a change.

"These positions are not positions that people are elected to for the rest of their lives," said Parrish. "Sometimes is just a good idea to follow the lead of old Uncle George Washington and just go home

when you've done your duty."

Parrish said during his announcement Thursday that its nothing personal. 

"I wish him the best but sometimes you just need to hang it up," said Parrish. "If he wants to stay in the office rather than putting Dal
Williamson on a horse with Stacey Pickering, who is not in this election, he needs to explain to people why that he's running on his record and why that he can continue to do the job even though he's eighty-years old."

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