Ellisville business surveillance video captures burglary

Ellisville business surveillance video captures burglary

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - Corporation president of Endom Trailer Sales and Service Eddie Endom is offering a $500 reward to anyone that can lead police to the arrest, conviction and recovery of the items that were stolen from his business Sunday morning.

Surveillance video shows a man gaining entry into his business by jumping over the fence at 12:40 a.m. According to Endom, after the man was on the other side of the fence, he used a yard truck to drive through the fence and bring it down.

"Close to around ten-thousand dollars is what they took," said Endom.

Video captures one man driving his truck around and into the business after the fence was down. On a separate camera it appears that the unknown suspect is attempting to disable the surveillance system.

"You can see something in the gentleman's hand where he was trying to knock the camera off of the steel post that was higher than what he was," said Endom. "He had something in his hand, looked like bolt cutters where he was trying to knock the camera down."

After a few seconds the camera goes down, but eventually ends up gaining focus and captures the man, who is standing underneath.

"He was dumb enough to look at the camera or partial of it when he was trying to knock the camera down," said Endom.

It is unknown if more than one person was involved in this crime. Endom hopes these images will help catch those responsible.

"We would appreciate any help that you can with us catching these people that broke into our business," said Endom.

Any information, contact Ellisville Police Department or Jones County Crimestoppers.

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