Seven on Your Side Action Report: Chicago woman allegedly scammed out of $10,000 on craigslist ad listed in Hattiesburg.

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Elvia Sabri lives in Chicago, and has been searching for a Bobcat S150 construction machine for a business she and her husband are starting.

"Me and my husband are starting a business due to the fact that it's the snow season here in Chicago," Sabri said.

She found a deal on for the machine on a craigslist ad listed in Hattiesburg for $10,000.

After negotiations, she and a man by the name of Patrick Terrell agreed on a price of $9,150.

Sabri wired the money from her Bank of American account to an account listed for Patrick Terrell at Trustmark Bank in Hattiesburg. She said she hasn't heard anything from Mr. Terrell ever since she sent him the money.

"Two days went by and I realized he's not picking up my phone at all," Sabri said.

Sabri is worried that she's been scammed, so she called authorities for help.  She said the Hattiesburg Police Department told her they couldn't assist her.

She then called the Mississippi Attorney General's office and the FBI, and filed a complaint.  She is waiting to hear back from them.

She also reached out to Seven on your Side to see if we could help. 

We went to the home on Sharmont Drive in Hattiesburg to see if anyone was home. A man was standing at the door, but would not come out.

After knocking several times, the man inside threatened us and asked us to leave his property. 

Someone inside the home also called the Hattiesburg Police Department, and filed a complaint against us. 

We are currently reaching out to law enforcement to find more information on this case. Stay tuned to WDAM for the very latest.