Plumbers urge residents to protect pipes in cold weather

Plumbers urge residents to protect pipes in cold weather

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - When temperatures fall below freezing, measures must be taken to protect your home.

Plumbers encourage residents to leave faucets running overnight to prevent water from freezing in pipes. Leave hot and cold water running from the faucets in each bathroom and the kitchen.

"Let the water run," said Joey Pierce of Pierce Plumbing, Inc. "It might cost you a few dollars extra on your water bill, but that's a lot cheaper than a plumber."

If your pipes freeze, you likely won't know if they're broken until temperatures rise above freezing and pipes thaw the next morning. If a pipe does burst, normally you'll be able to hear it from inside the house.

It's also important to insulate pipes. Any exposed piping is more susceptible to freezing and should be wrapped or covered. Faucet protectors are inexpensive and prevent outdoor faucets from freezing.  

Weather stripping around doors and windows will help keep the cold out as well. Placing a towel under your door is another way to ensure efficient home heating.