Curbside recycling in Hattiesburg may continue after changes to program

Curbside recycling in Hattiesburg may continue after changes to program

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Hattiesburg residents will likely be able to continue using the curbside recycling program after the New Year, according to Public Works Department Director Larry Barnes.

Barnes said the city's sustainability committee, created by Mayor Johnny DuPree in August, is working with the city council to create an efficient recycling program that is easily accessible to residents. DuPree said several months ago that he would not renew the city's contract with private company Waste Pro for recycling.

, which included putting the curbside recycling on-hold, but Barnes said he does not expect that to happen.

According to Barnes, Waste Pro will collect residents' recycling bins during the last week of December and hand them over to the city, who will then distribute them to residents when they contact the water and sewer department to continue the curbside pickup.

Hattiesburg's Parks and Recreation Department General Manager Ann Jones said a monthly fee of three dollars will likely be placed on residents who subscribe to the curbside program.

"The subscription fee will go to offsetting the cost of operating the program," said Jones.

The council proposed an additional $547,592 to the Public Works fund for "recycling program equipment and vehicles," as written in an amendment to the city's budget. The council will vote on that addition Tuesday.

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