Bullying: Through the Victim's Eyes Part One

Bullying: Through the Victim's Eyes Part One

SUMRALL, MS (WDAM) - There are four types of bullying: verbal, social, physical and cyberbullying. Some have seen it, some have taken part in it, and some have experienced it. According to the National Association of School Psychologists, more than 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year.

Ethan Dickinson is a seventh grader at Sumrall Middle School who said he is a victim of bullying.

"It makes me feel sad, and shouldn't be done to other people," said Dickinson.

The University Council for Educational Administration says 90% of 4th through 8th graders report being victims of bullying.

"I come home crying begging my mom not to make me go to school the next day," said Dickinson.

"Seeing him that way it tears my heart apart," said mother of Dickinson, Leigh Simmons.

Dickinson said he's been bullied at school for the past four years.

"They'll call me fat and tell me they're going to beat me up after school," said Dickinson.

He said the picking also happens at football practice.

"When the coaches aren't looking, they'll come over, they'll start shoving people in the dirt, throwing rocks at them, throwing helmets at them and all, start kicking them with their cleats," said Dickinson.

"I think it discouraged him a lot really I do, because he don't want to play now and he loves football," said Simmons.

Dickinson said the bullying usually comes from one specific student in his grade level. He said the last incident was in September where he ended up in the emergency room after being hit with a football helmet.

"I do wonder if he's going to mess with me again, if he's gonna do anything, if he's going to hit me," said Dickinson.

"It makes me feel like if I'm failing somewhere if I can't protect him from everything, then I'm failing somewhere," said his mother Simmons.

"If parents would just step up and teach their children don't mess with anybody, mind your own business, don't pick on someone because they look different, they act different or they are different from you, don't pick on them for any reason," said Simmons.

Dickinson said he has decided to speak up for one main reason.

"I don't want people to go through what I go through because it's not right, people shouldn't be doing this to other kids," said Dickinson.

His mother said they've slowly built up his confidence. Dickinson said his experience has made him who he is now, and he will no longer let anyone bring him down.

"Don't do this to other kids, it's not right, you should never have to go through this experience," said Dickinson.