Volunteers assemble apartment starter kits for homeless families

Volunteers assemble apartment starter kits for homeless families

Homeless families in the Hattiesburg area will have an easier time moving in to new residences soon, thanks to the work of volunteers who've been helping a local homeless shelter lately.

Some volunteers from St. Thomas Catholic Church assisted other volunteers at Ridgecrest Baptist Church Saturday morning in assembling starter kits for apartments. They'll be given to homeless residents who've found new places to live through Hattiesburg's Field House for the Homeless.

The kits include cleaning supplies and other items to furnish those apartments.

"You can donate money, you can do whatever, but until you actually get on the ground and see what's happening, then you start to feel what the reality of it is and it gives hope, you can see that," said Erin Wingerter, a volunteer from St. Thomas Catholic Church.

"Seeing all the boxes come together, going to needy families, it's a good feeling," said Ann Stanley, a member of Ridgecrest Baptist Church. "(It) warms your heart, even on a cold day," she said.

"Having to get into the apartments, the deposits, the rent and then you look at having to get furniture and household items, it simplifies it for (the homeless families) and makes that transition so much easier," said Cynthia Young, co-founder of the Field House for the Homeless.

Young says her organization is particularly in need of mattresses and pots and pans at this time. If you'd like to help, you can call 601-325-4808 or check out the Field House for the Homeless on Facebook.