That's Illegal? Part Three

That's Illegal? Part Three

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Crime Against Public Morals and Decency code 97-29-1 Adultery and fornication which is unlawful cohabitation, is one of the most ridiculous laws in the Mississippi, according to a local attorney.

The law states that it is illegal for a man and woman couple to live together if they are not married.

"Adultery and fornication is the most ridiculous because basically you can't live with anybody you aren't married to," said Hattiesburg Attorney Shawn Lowrey.

This law was written under the code of Hutchinson in 1848, and remains there today.

"How many young people are living with a girlfriend or boyfriend," said Lowrey. "Every one of those people are committing a crime in Mississippi, and that is insane."

The fine for committing this crime is up to $500 and up to six months in jail.

"If you get an escort, it is less of a fine than living with somebody that is a girlfriend. It's a $200 fine, no more than six months in jail," said Lowrey. "So, it would be less of a financial burden if you got caught doing this just to say you paid for it, as opposed to saying you did it because you really liked the person"

Lowrey found this comical because 2016 is going to be the first year more children are born out of wedlock than between married couples.