Scam Alert: Dixie Electric customers

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The Dixie Electric Power company is urging customers to be aware of a phone scammer. According to company, scammers tend to ask for immediate payment to avoid disconnection of power, something the Dixie Electric Company would never do.

Company officials said that the best way to avoid from being scammed is to be aware of your payment history, and never give personal information over the phone. If someone does ask you for your information, hang up and contact local authorities.

"We've received several phone calls over the last couple of days [that] we have individuals requesting that people pay their power bill immediately or they would have their power cut off," said Lydia Walter, Dixie Electric Communication Manager.

According to Walter, one consumer said that the scammers even threatened to cut off the power within 45 minutes if the bill wasn't paid immediately.

Walters said the scammers are requesting payments through money cards.

"We would never ask a member to pay a bill in a specific way," Walters said.

Administration and Finance Manager Aaron Zumwalt said that it is important to be aware of your finances at all times.

"The first thing I always tell our members is to be aware of your situation, what your bills are, when your due dates are so that if you were to receive a call like this that you can discern whether it's a real phone call or not," Zumwalt said.

According to Zumwalt, being prepared is the best defense against scammers. "If there is anything that sounds a little fishy, just call and we can look at your account to see what your balances are, when your due dates are, and what you actual situation is."