Hattiesburg zoo starts monkeying around

Hattiesburg zoo starts monkeying around

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg is adding new members to their animal family. The zoo welcomed two Debrazza's Guenon Monkeys into their habitat on Thursday.

"We have a male and female pair," said Animal Keeper Stephen Taylor. "They have been with each other since 2008."

Taylor said the pair loves each other, and they are a great couple.

The monkeys had to undergo a physical exam before they could go on exhibit.

"We will do ex-rays and blood work, check their teeth, ears, eyes, and nose," Taylor said.

According to the veterinarian, both monkeys are healthy, and ready to be released into their new home.

The zoo keeper said that these two are monkeying around already and are ready for you to come see them.

"These guys are in a brand new area, so they are going to be checking out every single thing in the exhibit," Taylor said. "They are climbing on all of the branches and all the trees."

Debrazza's Guenon Monkeys can be found in the swampy areas of Central Africa, but these monkeys came from The Woodlands Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington.