Hattiesburg resident said to have fastest growing food blog in the country

Hattiesburg resident said to have fastest growing food blog in the country

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A publishing company says the fastest growing food blog in the country belongs to a Hattiesburg resident who is also an associate professor at William Carey University.

"It's unlike any other blog on the web right now," said President of Indigo Publishing Company Adam Tillinghast. "She just passed eight million views on her site; it's going to be close to ten million before the end of the year. It's truly a rising star in the food world."

The owner of menumusings.com is Julie May. She said she started the blog in 2010 because she needed easy recipes to convey to her busy friends.

"I started putting my recipes on there and all of a sudden something interesting happened and people that I didn't know actually started watching the blog," said food blogger Julie May.

She said the key to her blog's success is relation.

"They identify with me," said May.

With hundreds of free recipes on her blog, she was shocked when her followers wanted her to come out with a cookbook.

"So not on my radar, this was a demand from my readers," said May.  

With more than 150 recipes, May said there's something unique about her cookbook.

"It's the first of its kind interactive cookbook," said May.

Each recipe in the book has its own QR code, which takes you to the blog and gives you step by step photos.

"This is a book that we're all very proud of and excited to watch get big on the national stage," said Tillinghast. "Julie's actually being considered right now for a major national program that I can't talk about quite yet, but we can talk about the fact that she's going to be on the national talk show The Dan Vega show filming in December."

As for future plans, May said if she's given a cooking show, she'll take it.

Menu Musings cookbook can be found at Corner Markets in Hattiesburg, ArtCetera, The Kitchen Table, Blooms, Main Street Books and also Amazon.com.

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