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Keeping your pet safe in cold weather

 With temperatures expected to dip down into the mid-20's overnight, it's time to ensure your pets are protected from the frigid temperatures. 

For dogs, if at all possible bring them inside. If not, you'll want to have some shelter with a roof and side walls. The shelter should be lined with a blanket or hay to protect the dog from the cold ground. If you have community feral cats that you care for, they should also have some type of shelter. There are many ways you can find online to make a simple shelter to keep them shielded from the wind.

"If you know someone who is having trouble finding a dog house they can contact the Southern Pines Animal Shelter," said Ginny Sims, SPAS Manager. "We have a program with Habitat for Humanity that allows us to help place doghouses to community members in need and we will be distributing those doghouses soon."

Sims says it is law in the state that all pet owners must provide, adequate, food, water, and shelter for their pets.

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