Veteran’s Memorial Museum holds appreciation ceremony

Veteran’s Memorial Museum holds appreciation ceremony

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Veterans were honoredTuesday morning in a ceremony at the Veteran's Memorial Museum.

The celebration includedguest speaker and World War II veteran Dr. Walter Butler. The Houston Road Boysalso showed their appreciation to the veterans through various songs. Themuseum said they host this event to honor America's veterans for their courage,honor, patriotism and sacrifice.

“I just think we as Americansneed to take it to heart and quit waiting for someone else to shake a veteran'shand,” said Veteran's Memorial Museum chaplain Kent Miller. “Those are the verygodly folks, the heroes of our country that we need to honor, not to just honoron this day but every day, they're our heroes.”

The event concluded with atwenty-one gun salute by The Rosin Heels.

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