PRCC's Hattiesburg campus hosts annual Veterans Day program

POPLARVILLE, MS (WDAM) - Dozens of students, faculty and veterans gathered at the Forrest County Center of Pearl River Community College Tuesday to honor the nation's veterans in an annual ceremony.

A Veterans Day Observance recognized veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice.

Featured speaker was Mississippi Army National Guard colonel and adjunct professor of history at PRCC Mark Prine.

"America's a unique place in the amount of support we get for the veterans here," said Prine. "But, especially down South, there are so many people that have ties to veterans," he said.

"I think it's very important that we recognize them, us and veterans alike, not just once a year," said Freddie Smith, Sr., a veteran who attended the ceremony.

"I, for one, am not a member of the United States Army or Marine Corps or anything, but I do think it's extremely important that we do have those members of our society and that they have the recognition they deserve," said Emily McIntyre, president of the History and Humanities Club at PRCC.

This was the fifth year for the Veterans Day program.