Dirty Jobs Part 2: Turner Brothers' Taxidermy

Dirty Jobs Part 2: Turner Brothers' Taxidermy

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Some dirty jobs require for you to have a strong stomach. One of those jobs is taxidermy.

Turner Taxidermy in downtown Hattiesburg specializes in mounting everything from deer, to fish, to squirrels. They even make runs from exotic animals like bears and tigers, but that is after they deal with all the blood and guts.

Deer heads are brought in by the customer who will then pick their style of mount. The taxidermists will then remove the antlers, skull, and innards of the deer to later thoroughly wash the skin. Once the skin is washed, it is closely shaved to remove excess meat. Once dry, it will be attached to the mound, and left to dry for several weeks.

For larger animals that are turned into rugs, the animals are skinned, cleaned, salted to dry, and sent to another company to be tanned.

Fish mounds are created in-house, for fish up to 18 pounds. The fish are cleaned in a similar way to the deer, until only the scales and other external parts remain. They are then attached to the mounds and also left to dry.

Needless to say, taxidermist rank high on the Pine Belt Dirty Jobs list.