Dirty Jobs Part 1: Hattiesburg Zoo

Dirty Jobs Part 1: Hattiesburg Zoo

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - There are some dirty jobs out there in the Pine Belt, and the Hattiesburg Zoo knows a thing or two about dirt.

This job requires feeding the animals, cleaning up after the animals and handling the animals.

The dirty work starts by cleaning the animal cages,specifically the jaguar holding which was covered with urine and cat hair. To properly clean the area, it needs to be sprayed down with water, hosed with a soapy cleanser and brushed down the drain.

After getting the cages squeaky clean, the food gets prepared. Each animal receives a certain amount and a certain type of food for every meal from the leafy vegetables to frozen deer caucuses. Most meals are prepped in a kitchen while others are kept frozen in bags. Some of those bags include everything from frozen rodents to larger mammals.

Naturally after eating, the animals leave feces behind. This poop is picked up, disposed of, and occasionally examined to check for worms or other things they may be dangerous to the animals. There are also bundles of fresh hay, grass and other materials for the animals on a daily basis.

The zoo is a marvelous place, for the young and old to see and learn about various animals. The next time one may decide to visit, keep in mind that someone is ruining a pair of shoes everyday to keep those animals healthy and happy.