Jones County Circuit Court judge race heads to run-off

Jones County Circuit Court judge race heads to run-off

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The final results are in for the Jones County Circuit Court judge race, and the contenders will head to a run-off.

The final results for the race were as followed:

Williamson- 6,702

Landrum- 4,744 

Parrish- 3,552

Hedgepeth- 2,259

Incumbent Billy Joe Landrum for approximately 40 years has never had a challenger even when he was youth court judge.

The long time jurist had three challengers, and it just so happens to be the same year that he was also audited by the state auditor. 

He is currently undergoing an investigation for his use of funds from his community service program, and for his improper use of county vehicles.

Landrum's first challenger Dal Williamson, represented the state auditor back in 2003 when he was running for state senator, but said he has no ties to him. 

The second challenger is someone Landrum said he considers as a best friend, J. Ronald Parrish. The outspoken prosecutor resigned in August after almost 10 years as an assistant district attorney to focus more on his campaign.

Landrum's third challenger is Grant Hedgepeth who said he saw this race as a unique opportunity because it was the first contested race in years.

There used to be a fourth challenger, Noel Rogers, but he withdrew in August saying his decision was based on his word to Judge Landrum that he wouldn't run against him.

The run-off will be November 25 between Williamson and Landrum.