Seven on Your Side Action Report: Part One

Seven on Your Side Action Report: Part One


It's been nearly seven months since a tornado damaged parts of Covington County, but the people who live there are still angry they have yet to receive federal assistance.

“The red cross came out and brought hot meals, but nobody has come out here to clean up,” one anonymous resident told us.”

Other people in the community share the same sentiment.

“The tornado that hit two weeks after us, they received assistance and housing, but we still have no housing, nowhere to live, another resident told us.

Seven on your side contacted the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency to find out why they didn't qualify for assistance.

“Unfortunately FEMA has a very strict criteria by which federal grants are attached to disaster, “ External Affairs Directors Greg Flynn said.

MEMA referred the storm victims to the Small Business Association for Loans, but many of them did not qualify due to income restrictions.

“I wish they could go through some of what we went through, so they can understand,” an anonymous resident said.

The law would have to change for any of the residents of Covington County to receive any federal aid.