Jones Co. Fire Council hosts firefighter graduation

Jones Co. Fire Council hosts firefighter graduation

Dozens of Jones County first responders were recognized Saturday night for their training achievements during a firefighter graduation ceremony.

It was hosted by the Jones County Fire Council.

55 volunteer firefighters from across the county received certificates for completing various levels of training, including Firefighter I, Firefighter II and Fire Ground Resource Technician.

Two of the firefighters have also completed all training necessary for classification as a state certified volunteer firefighter.

24 other volunteers also got their certifications as emergency medical first responders.

"We just want to make sure that our people who are responding to these calls, who come to your house for medical or for house fires or whatever it may be, have that utmost training and are ready to go when they get there," said Larkin Simpson, president of the Jones County Fire Council.

"The people who are graduating tonight, or the 55 on the fire side, have accumulated a total of nearly 10,000 hours to prepare themselves for this graduation ceremony, so we're real proud of them here," said Dan McKenna, Jones County Fire Coordinator.

Jones County has 10 Mississippi certified volunteer firefighters.

There are less than 100 in the state.