Mississippi congressional candidate speaks out about arrest

Mississippi congressional candidate speaks out about arrest
Eli Jackson

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Mississippi Congressional candidate arrested for simple domestic violence addressed the incident on Friday that landed him behind bars.

Eli "Sarge" Jackson, 57, was taken into custody Monday at the Hattiesburg Police Department. According to Hattiesburg Police Department Lt. Jon Traxler, Jackson showed up to file charges on someone, and had an active warrant for his arrest, and he was denied the ability to sign charges on the individual and served with the warrant for his arrest and taken to jail.

The warrant linked to Jackson stemmed from a May 19, 2014 incident involving his daughter Colesha Jackson, 30, and him.

According to a Hattiesburg Police incident report, the incident took place in the 800 block of Laura Street in Hattiesburg.

"I'm the one that was assaulted, but it's my daughter and I just asked the police not to leave until she left the property, because she is bipolar," said Jackson. "She just got to know how to behave and act, she just can't disrespect me in my house and expect me to take care of her, it's just the way I do," said Jackson.

When questioned if this arrest or incident hurt his chances in the upcoming election Jackson stated;

"No, believe it or not, I believe it helped my chance because I would treat the people of Mississippi the same way I treat my daughter, with dignity and respect, despite how you act and despite how you treat me, I got bite marks on me, I got all kind of abusing and it just came to that point where she just needed to move on."

Jackson added that he was the victim in the incident, but loves his daughter and would do anything possible to help her.